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FühlZeitLand initiative
Real estate pension and
conversion models

Real estate pension and conversion models
Larger single-family homes, multi-family homes, semi-commercial buildings or agricultural properties are eligible.

For many property owners, a large portion of their assets are tied up in the property. But what if you need liquid assets, for example to top up your pension, fulfill your wishes, remodel the house* or finance a carer?

* (Extension, additions, extensions, construction of apartments/division, shared apartment living/generational living/retirement living, renovations, energetic and structural, garden recultivation).

The FühlZeitLand solution. A regional cooperative takes over a share of the house for its members, the future roommates/tenants. The optimal path is chosen together: from life annuity, usufruct, real division of house or property, leasehold, partial sale to reverse mortgage, everything is conceivable. Numerous funding is available to create new, barrier-free living space. The financial and legal processing takes place with the respective banks and notaries on site. Advice on setting up a cooperative can be provided via our regional initiative partners.
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