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FühlZeitLand initiative
Mobility stations

FühlZeitLand Mobility Stations offer a diverse range of services and amenities designed to improve mobility in rural areas. Each center is modular in design and includes offerings such as packing stations for delivery services, storage facilities, a regional shopping and marketplace, a cafe/bistro, e-bike and e-car rental stations, and sharing services for vehicles such as e-scooters and wheelchairs. They also serve as waiting points for local transport, on-call cabs and community buses, offer tourist information and services, have post offices, tool hire machines, ATMs and charging stations for various vehicles. A booking app makes it easy to use various mobility services, while telematics systems from FühlZeitLand enable the integration of care services and facility services. Bicycle parking garages can also be provided as an option.
FühlZeitLand Mobilität
FühlZeitLand Solidarity Moblity
focuses on the needs of rural regions in local and long-distance transportation and is managed by regional FühlZeitLand cooperatives. Vehicle owners and drivers benefit from favorable conditions for the purchase, leasing and financing of vehicles through fleet contracts. Special offers for insurance, service, accessories and fuel/electricity further reduce operating costs. Reservations and bookings are made via special app programs, and billing is based on a points system with credits. These KM flat-rate credits are made possible by payments from passengers and transport services into special "pool funds".
The vehicle fleet is being converted to inclusion-friendly (electric) vehicles, including motorhomes and camper vans, small vehicles, minibuses and midibuses as well as electric wheelchairs and pedelecs. Cooperation with regional dealers guarantees a comprehensive service. The communities benefit from cooperative-organized short and city trips as well as vacation and event trips.
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