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FühlZeitLand initiative
Theme Parks

The “Initiative FühlZeitland” plans to create unique theme parks called “Park der Reise” on suitable natural areas. These parks offer a fascinating journey into the past, to different cultures, back to nature, to ourselves and into the future.
The focus is on planting climate-resilient trees, such as Miyawaki forests with American persimmon, bur oak, white oak, lyre-leaved oak, black oak (with edible acorns low in tannic acid), black walnut, pecan, scalebark hickory, mocking Walnut, king nut, tree hazel, Virginian juniper, black spruce, tulip tree, western larch, tree magnolia, sweetgum, umbrella magnolia, late-blooming bird cherry and hackberry. This is complemented by old varieties of fruit and vegetables as well as (medicinal) herbs.
apple tree meadows
With our shared visions, we can realize these inspiring projects and create oases that focus on the connection between people, nature and art.
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