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FühlZeitLand initiative

The FühlZeitLand "(RE)MEMBER-SHOP" was created to establish and expand the network structures for the implementation of the FühlZeitLand concepts in Germany.
Supporter Package:
1x membership pass as QR code
1x motif "FühlZeitLand Blue Greenhouse". Large-format print on picture fabric 75 cm x 150 cm.
1 x motif " Example Molière" (selection from numerous motifs) Picture fabric 100 cm x 150 cm - smaller on request.
Our team of graphic artists from the FühlZeitLand initiative has invested a great deal of graphic and digital handwork in the realization of this extensive collection. The intensive examination of themes and personalities enabled us to use textile media for a new interpretation of time and content, especially in relation to literary history.

Moliere Stoffbild
The membership pass secures you price advantages with our FühlZeitLand partners, exclusive information on new projects and numerous consulting services.

The large-format fabric pictures are perfect eye-catchers for living rooms, offices, practices, hotel rooms and shops.
Your support as a member of our “(RE)MEMBER-SHOP”
not only contributes to the realization of our projects, but also gives you exclusive access to a unique art experience and privileged advantages in the FühlZeitLand community.
Be a part of this moving journey through the history of literature!
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