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FühlZeitLand initiative
The “Social Barn"

Unused barns and farm buildings, often on spacious land or in close proximity to the farm.
An old barn, a stable, a tool shed, a warehouse - they can all be converted into residential buildings with renovation. The newly built residential units are funded like a new building, so requirements for energy efficiency and sustainability must be met. In addition to nationwide funding, there are special federal state programs. For example, for the construction of affordable housing and for barrier-free living. Direct funding is available for “the conversion of buildings, agricultural and forestry operations for residential, work, tourism, leisure, public or community purposes”.
Examples of barn conversions
FühlZeitLand Cluster-apartments
Cluster apartments are a cross between a shared apartment and a small apartment, a “luxury shared apartment,” so to speak. There are self-contained rooms with a bathroom and usually also a small tea kitchen. There is also a larger living area with a shared kitchen/living room. Cluster apartments are usually 150 to 800 square meters of connected structures that can be occupied in a variety of ways without major structural changes. This creates a high level of flexibility.
Examples of cluster living topics: artist shared apartments. GreenCare shared apartment (with garden areas), “care” shared apartment, generational shared apartment, young helps old shared apartment, LGBT shared apartment, FühlZeitLand shared apartment (holiday rooms and permanent residents).
Bilder/ Foto :: Bantorf - Im Dorfe 29 - Scheune Baudenkmal-ID: 31114052 Bild von Raugeier,    https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Bantorf_-_Im_Dorfe_29_-_Scheune.jpg
Wohnhaus_und_Scheune_Walddorfhäslach von Martin Hahn CC0 via Wikimedia Commons     https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Landappbw_710812_1822_Wohnhaus_und_Scheune_Walddorfh%C3%A4slach.jpg
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