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Photo credit/ FühlZeitLand

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Pictures/ Photo :: FühlZeitLand and Images on Pixabay

Who is there?
FühlZeitLand - pictures and Images on Pixabay by: ecommunity-3245739 Image by Harish Sharma,

For whom?
FühlZeitLand word cloud - pictures and Images on Pixabay

FühlZeitLand Germany map - pictures and Images on Pixabay

What will happen?
FühlZeitLand - pictures and Images on Pixabay
garden-302259 Image by Anja, apples-1872997 Image by lumix2004 on Pixabay,

"Electric" FeelTimeLand
FühlZeitLand - pictures and Images on Pixabay
Lucy_by_Marijke_Koger-Dunham, . Images on Pixabay from: fields-7576734_Image by Julita on Pixabay, 2022-05-13-Agri-PV-Kressbronn-ISE-001-qu-3 :: smart-home-3653454 Image-by-Gerd-Altmann, ai-generated -8032928 Image by Pete Linforth,applications-7025904 Image by yousafbhutta,

The “Social Barn”
FühlZeitLand - pictures and Images on Pixabay

Landappbw_710812_1822_Wohnhaus_und_Scheune_Walddorfhäslach by Martin Hahn CC0 via Wikimedia Commons,

Cultural monument barn, residential building Querstraße 11, Lauffen am Neckar by Batrox CC0 via Wikimedia Commons,

Bantorf - Im Dorfe 29 - Barn Monument ID: 31114052 Image by Raugeier CC-BY-SA-3.0Self-published work

Monument in Syke by Monster4711 - Own work, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=19572870

Themed parks
Images on Pixabay from: tree-3372968_image-by-eddie-howell, flower-field-250016 640 Kohji Asakawa on Pixabay, apples-1873078, agricultural biology--fruit-1379911-image-by-Peter-H-on-Pixabay

The FühlZeitLand “(RE)MEMBER-SHOP”
FühlZeitLand - pictures and Images on Pixabay

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