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FühlZeitLand initiative
"Electric" FühlZeitLand

FühlZeitLand consistently relies on technological innovations to make work easier, to improve the quality of life and to ensure a sustainable energy supply in the countryside. This refers to various rural properties including agriculture, forestry, market gardening, orchards, market gardening, viticulture, estates, equestrian farms, castles, country houses and country houses.
The "Electric" FühlZeitLand initiative includes a wide range of technological solutions, including:
Agri-photovoltaics: Use of solar energy in agricultural areas.
Solar pasture fences: Environmentally friendly energy supply for livestock breeding.
Electricity storage: storage of renewable energy for on-site needs.
Electric all-round vehicles for agriculture: Use of electric vehicles for various agricultural tasks.
Electric vehicles for transporting people and materials: environmentally friendly mobility in rural areas, including conversions.
Software and sensors:
Software and sensor solutions are used for vegetable growing, fruit growing and agriculture in general. Smart facilities for apartments, holiday apartments and shared apartments will be integrated, including:
Light controls for biological light.
Light sensors for kitchens, bedrooms, hallways.
Access systems for more security.
Temperature and air quality sensors.
Streaming entertainment and library offerings.
Regional platforms for telemedicine, culture, purchasing and communication.
The "Electric" FühlZeitLand initiative aims to promote sustainability and quality of life in rural areas through the integration of innovative technologies.
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