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FühlZeitLand initiative
Who is there?

The initiative team consists of freelancers, people from (agricultural) engineering, health sectors, architecture and design, science and research, cultural workers and other actors from national and international institutes, associations, universities and organizations.
For example with the following thematic focuses:
Hybrid – wooden construction systems, dome constructions, earthwork systems. Renovation and refurbishment of monument buildings. Cooperative founding organizations for cluster living cooperatives, mobility cooperatives/transport services, garden cooperatives.
Climate-neutral energy systems: CHP technology (green waste and waste wood, pyrolysis), heat pumps and earth collectors, solar tiles, solar fences, agricultural photovoltaics, storage systems.
Software development: regional platforms, shop systems, mobility and sharing. Telemedicine.
3D fitness systems.
Access systems/locking systems.
IT entertainment, indoor air monitoring. Ventilation systems. Ambient Assisted Living. Smart home control. Sensors/activity detectors. Water treatment.
Cycle path development and design.
Greenhouse technology / vertical farming.
Raised beds for vegetable and herb gardens for greencare therapy. Green care forest projects.
Mobility and GPS outdoor apps
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